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New Site Built For a Local Fishing Guide

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New Site Built For a Local Fishing Guide

We recently started a new website redesign project for a local fishing and duck hunting guide Mojo Guide Service and Outfitters. We first meet with the owner JC about 4 weeks ago to get an idea of what he was looking for and what his goals where with the project. I thought we would explain the process here for anyone else interested in having a new website built or an old site redesigned. There are 5 phases planning, functionality, design, execution and delivery.

The first phase is planning we meet with our customers to see what their goal is and what they want from the website. In the case of Mojo Guide Service he wanted clients to be able to see pictures and get pricing and direction easily. He also wanted it to look professional and represent him and his business in a good way. We planned on having a contact us page with directions and a photo galley based on his goals.

The second phase was functionality, he said he would like to have a newsletter signup and a contact page with google maps for customers and he wanted a prices. Based on these criteria we went to work planning what tools we could use to obtain these goals and what would need to be custom made for his project. We were able to use a great pricing table we had built before and had our programmers make a custom newsletter opt in that links to his mail chimp account.
The third phase is design for this phase we talk about how the client wants the site to look does it want it to extend from edge to edge or be boxed? What color scheme do they want to use? Do they want it to make the logo? Do they have a logo already or need one? What pictures or media can they provide for the site like YouTube videos? We want to make sure we get it right the first time.

The fourth phase is execution we guarantee all of our sites will be complete up and running in under 4 weeks that is why we spend so much time in the first 3 phases. We build them and test every area and fiction to make sure there are no issue when our client’s customer first see it and try to use it. We setup all the forms to email and test the emails and Setup Company emails if they don’t have them already. Everything should be complete and work flawlessly.

The fifth phase is delivery this is where all the hard work pass off and we get to unveil the new site like a baby we just raised and give it to the new proud owner. The goal here is to always exceed expectations and for everything to work upon delivery on the first try.

Please check out our latest website redesign and heck maybe you will even want to go with a Rockport TX duck hunting guide.

Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior

The Bass Fishing Tackle

Bass Fishing Gear Manufactureres Deal with the Most Standard Products for Fishing

Bass fishing is a lovely way to chill out. There are usually a range of tournaments in the United States, which is the powerhouse of the bass fishing among all of the fishing destinations in the whole world. Good Bass fishing tackle is something that is important to your success as a bass fisherman (or woman).

Bass fishing tackle – why is it so exclusive?

When you are boxing what do you constantly have with you? A pair of boxing gloves. When you go bass fishing, what do you make sure you have on you at all times? Your bass fishing tackle… not only that, but any other gear that will get you on your way to bagging that “big catch”. You’ll get that bass fishing gear which is somewhat stronger than the standard tackle that is used for standard fishing, as it needs to be bendable, and designed by hand making it more expensive, which is

more than enough for fly fishing and other bass fishing approaches. Out of all the different styles of fishing gear that you will use, the tackle is the most differing in size and style as well as being the most important when it comes to catching fish.

If your tackle is not appropriate then your fishing vacation is doomed.

How to get the greatest bass fishing tackle

There are specialized fishing equipment creators who will be happy to give expert guidance and propose the very best models that can be found at any store. On the other hand, before you make a decision, if you are not completely sure on what bass fishing rods you want with you, then you must make sure that it is guaranteed that it comes with either a cash back warranty, or a demo time period so that you can test it out to make sure you like the weight and feel of it, and if it works with your casting style. There is absolutely nothing worse then having your gear purchased already, and realizing that all of that money was wasted.

Bass fishing is a fantastic hobby

If you want to start out with something a little more humble to practice, you can go to an Aransas Pass fishing charter and learn how to fish from an expert. That way you will be able to decide if its something you are good at, or want to do before you purchase an expensive boat with lots of equipment.

As one of the most iconic sports activities, bass fishing attracts a great deal of notice both equally as a hobby and as a job. There are a range of tournaments scheduled every season wherever a lot of individuals choose gather for the pleasure of winning a prize, but also for the notoriety.

For the duration of this time, if you experience that you skilled at the sport of fishing, you have the opportunity to compete with people all over the world by being invited as one of the greatest fisherman at your local fishing competitions. This is when you will realize the worth of possessing top of the line bass fishing gear which will become a total extension of oneself.

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Factors to Consider When Designing a Website

We are in an era where the internet is one of the most important components of every business if it wants to be successful in its endeavors. For a long time, one’s image has been made to mean everything. In fact, if you present a rather bland or ugly image to the world about yourself, you will be easily hushed and forgotten. This cannot be allowed to happen especially if your business depends on the presentation of that image.

webdesignheaderA website is where the world gets to interact with your business and thereafter gets to know about it and what it stands for. It goes without saying, your website is the image that you must work on for the world to like it and consequently love your business. In design, a website demands that you hire the best expert in the trade. You must also and ensure that the best about you gets  portrayed. Here are some of the considerations to look into.

Pick the right name URL and domain name for your website. A domain name or URL that relates or which is relevant to your business is one of the keys to success. You definitely shouldn’t have a domain called ’sweet sugar’ if you deal in iron sheets.  You must have a name that relates to what you do.

Have the right content for your website. For a long time, content was ignored by webmasters. This was mainly because the ranking of websites was based on other things besides quality and openness. However, in the recent past, you must have notice that the better the content a website has the higher it gets to be ranked. This is not to say that content is the only determinant on whether your website reaches the front Search Engine Results Pages but it really plays a key role in determining where it will be placed. Have an expert write content or if you know how to, do so.


Pick the right keywords for your website. When people are searching online, they enter keywords which help them find what they want. A person searching for a place to stay in London, for example, might type ‘where to stay in London‘. Such terms must be well inserted in your website if customers are to find your website. There are sites where you can go and get the trending keywords in your industry.


The site layout matters a lot since this is how online visitors can tell whether you are professional or not. You should never cram all your business’s information in one page. Information should be well distributed about the different pages of the website. Still on the layout, the color should be unique and appealing to the eye. After all, your intention is to lure the online visitors to become actual customers.

Lastly, you should integrate social media with your website for maximum results. Almost every other person has a social media account on a range of platforms.


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You should also open social media accounts and have links that direct people from your social media account to your website and vice versa.




Desk Job Escape: The Nature

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Desk Job Escape: The Nature

The state of Texas is famous for many things and the one that makes the Lone Star State stand out the most is the spirit of freedom and proud traditions we are still holding. An important place in the folklore of the Wild West, and Texas with it, is the great outdoors, unbroken natural landscapes that will welcome you every day and the incredible animal life that shares the land with us, the people. There is nothing like setting out into the nature to catch a break and find something that can only be found far away from loud, busy streets that we frequent all the time.

Getting away from big city like Austin is a great way to spend your time off and it is especially beneficial to those less nature inclined.Take me for an example, I am a programmer, I work at and my usual day consists of no less than 10 hours of sitting and at least 6 hours of sleep, sometimes, hopefully more.

This way of life is not known to me only, there are millions of people across the USA that share the same problems and have the same daily routine.

I thought about my habits and after meeting my cousin one Thanksgiving I was reminded of the fact that as a Texan, I have been blessed with one of the greatest natural landscapes on the planet and that I have been squandering that gift for the most of my life.

We all remember how much fun it was exploring and walking in the nature when we were young, but somehow we stopped doing it. And it is a bad thing. Horrible, really. Mental health experts surveyed some 5 thousand people and came to discover that one hour spent in a forest or anywhere else in the nature – even a local park, works magic for your nerves and releases serotonin and endorphin into your brain, making you feel happy and content.
If that is not reason enough, let us remind ourselves of something: humans are walking animals. We are beings that were made for walking and as species we are among-st the best travelers there are. We are literally built for it, while sitting too long has bad effect on our back, neck, stomach and many other parts of the body. Getting your blood running, stretching those muscles and tendons is something that you should do every day, but even if you don’t like exercise – a stroll through a forest is all you need.
And if mere walking isn’t for you – remember that you can mix the nature exploration with many other tasks: such as sport climbing, running, biking or, for the ones looking for something more peaceful: fishing.

Fishing is a great way to combine the merits of being in nature with actual tangible benefits of catching fish.

Getting out there, looking at the water, sharing a drink with your friends or family, all while enjoying the beautiful Texan landscapes – there’s your happy life recipe right there.

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